Dr. Al Rezaei Testimonials

Testimonials About Our Las Vegas Dentists

We believe that our patients are the best. We take pride in listening to all and constantly improving.  Read what our patients are saying about us below.

I called this dental office 8/2/17. They were able to get me in the same day. The next morning I personally got a call from the Dr. Dental asking how I was feeling. Never had that before. I am pleased with the same day emergency appointment, the work performed and Dr. Rezaei calling me the next day to check on me!

- Shurnqkia W.

Dr. Rezaei is my dentist he is very experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working,honest and diligent dentist.

He cares for his patients and is always on time and you never have to spend extra time in the lobby when you have an appointment.

my whole family goes there he takes last-minute appointments and does emergency appointments.

Perfect perfect perfect!!!

- Vahaj I.

After a long night with no sleep my husband was able to get in today as a new patient. He was hurting! I was so happy when they said they had availability. Right when we came in they knew who we were and took care of us. The staff and the Dr. are absolutely awesome. Great attitude great customer service caring and educational. YES educational. The Dr showed me exactly what they were doing and why. He explained the cause and effect of the matter and it made me feel confident that my husband was in great hands. My husband felt the same. The Dr actually wanted to know about his patient vs how much he can charge. Loved it and we will be back. Truly a great place that makes you feel like family as soon as you walk in the door!

- Di. C.

Very caring and professional !!!! He is the best dentist you want for your family...I will refer him to my family's, friends, colleagues and just even acquaintances. You will be happy with the outcome.

- Jackie R Taylor

Very nice staff with a caring doctor that actually has time and patience to listen and skills to carry out my wishes; I had my implants done by him and developed a relationship that will last a lifetime! My whole perception of dentistry has now changed- Thank you for having such a positive impact !

- Arthur F.

For so many years I been to so many dentist having bad experiences giving me hope just to be destroyed giving up thinking there was no hope for me. Then I came across dr.S.A. REZAEI at first I was nervous thinking would this be another bad experience. But the second I walked through that door Michelle welcomed me with a smile. When they called me in I met Stephani she also welcomed me with a smile. I felt so relaxed. Then the Dr REZAEI came in also smiling. It felt good knowing I was in good hands. We talked about my issue I had a lot problems with my denture even my gums where getting damage. The Dr explain to me in details what can be done he gave me option. He is very detailed And has so much patient and he explained to step by step. I am getting implants I am like a kid in a new toy store he is good in what he does he makes sure you are comfortable and he makes sure you are in no pain. I am beyond happy for i know I found a true dentist who has a caring heart. And has two of the best people with him Michelle and Steph they will all treat you like part of the family.. I will never go to another dentist. This is My new home.

- Nancy C.

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.